Saturday, November 13, 2010

While you're busy making other plans

Me: hi dack!
Jeff: hi!

Me: my room is so clean!

Jeff: really?

Me: no
Me: I got distracted
Jeff: by what?
Jeff: (shocker!)
Me: I decided to make ramen from scratch.

Me: noodles
Me: brussels sprouts
Me: poached egg
Me: tempura sweet potatoes
Jeff: and now is every pot and pan dirty in your kitchen
Jeff: in addition to dirty room?
Me: mmmmmaybe.
Me: the noodles were really good!
Jeff: homemade noods?

Me: they were hard to roll without the clamp though!
Me: probably my room would be clean
Me: if I had had the clamp.
Jeff: well
Jeff: if I had brought the pasta maker home with me today
Jeff: your room would also be clean
Me: IF
Jeff: the world is a bunch of if's
Jeff: okay
Jeff: I'm going to fix myself some supper
Jeff: see you later!

Jeff: good luck cleaning dack!

1 comment:

  1. I just had brussels sprouts for dinner too! We are cabbage twins.