Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'd call that a bargain

I'm going to make up a new word. Are you ready? Okay. Jeff and I each went on a roomdate tonight. That means that we went on a little friendly date with our respective roommates. Jeff took his roommate Jen to Aziza in San Francisco, which is already a great restaurant and I'm sure their experience there was doubleplusgreat because Jen works at Aziza six nights a week plating desserts--so I'm just guessing that they got like five extra courses in addition to, like, the duck confit wrapped in puff pastry and the beet sorbet with goat yogurt.

But John and I? What did we have?

STEAK AU POIVRE. Sweet Jesus. It probably doesn't stack up to what was served at Aziza, but this was by far the best piece of meat I have ever cooked. Just a little bit north of medium rare, still tender, buttery, peppery with a palpable crunch as you bit into the sweet seared exterior. PERFECT. Okay, well, maybe it could have been a little more rare, but you know, "Have no fear of perfection, for you will never achieve it." --Salvador Dali. NEXT TIME.

And then--oh, the sauce. The pan juices plus some rum, mustard, half-and-half, cracked peppercorns, and butter. YES. The best sauce I have ever made? Yes. Obviously. Tangy, rich, spicy, sweet, warm. Everything. I knew it wouldn't keep in the fridge and I just wished I had more things to eat it on before throwing it out

As you can see, our meal was super healthy too because I filled my plate with brussels sprouts (fried in garlic oil and sprinkled with parmesan), fingerling potatoes (pan-roasted in olive oil), and arugula (with avocado in a lemon vinaigrette). That totally makes up for eating the sauce au poivre out of the skillet with a spoon.

Then John and I talked a lot about how we both want to go to Canyonlands--I to False Kiva and he to The Maze. Mine doesn't involve fifty miles of off-roading or a lack of water sources so maybe we'll do that first!

GOD I love eating everything.

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