Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is my happening

Let me tell you about this great moment in my favorite webcomic, Axe Cop--in fact, this moment was voted by readers to be the number one greatest moment in all of Axe Cop, which should give you an idea of whether Axe Cop is a webcomic that you want to read or not. The Moon Warriors, whose names are Fire Slicer and Vampire Wolfer, and who have temporarily taken the form of a shark and a crab, respectively, have just defeated the sea ghost, which--well, you have to see it to believe it. The fallen spectral octopus offers them a choice between two rewards: peace on earth or new costumes. Next panel: the Moon Warriors in their new costumes, exclaiming, "OH YEAH!!"

Jeff and I had a Moon Warriors moment this weekend. We decided to rent a car so that we could zoom down to LA and visit a bunch of people. It was already a very compressed weekend and so we were understandably peeved when Enterprise was an hour late picking us up--so late that they almost closed and left us stranded in Oakland. Luckily, when we got there, they were pretty apologetic. To make up for their lateness, they offered us a choice between two consolation prizes: thirty dollars off the car rental or a free upgrade from a Toyota Corolla to a black Ford Mustang. Jeff, immediately: "MUSTANG!" OH YEAH!!

And so it went this weekend, with everything just kind of working out and falling into place perfectly. In the space of thirty-six hours we had three meals with Jeff's parents, met up with my beloved high school friend Shana's family twice, had vegan lunch and free cupcakes with my mom's friend Dennis, finagled fresh free coffee cake from a visit to my cousin Sarah Dale and her baby Captain Rio, and had pie for breakfast courtesy of Jeff's friend Greg. Pie for breakfast! OH YEAH!!

But the best moment was probably cooking dinner for Jeff's parents in honor of their twenty-nine years and three hundred sixty three days of marriage on Saturday. We were running about a half hour late all day and then the North Hollywood Whole Foods was just terrible in terms of having things we needed in order to cook food. Jeff's parents had already waited thirty years for this meal and we didn't want to make them wait any longer--so, ultimately, I was pretty proud that we got a meal of cold cucumber soup with creme fraiche, asparagus and roasted red pepper salad, seared scallops, and paella with kale and fennel on the table in just over an hour.

So, yeah. Friends, food, cruising around Santa Monica with the top down. If there are any other things necessary for life on Earth, I have yet to encounter them.

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