Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch me skateboard!

I don't know if you heard, nerds, but yesterday was pi day (American).

If you missed it, you can still celebrate with the Europeans on April 31. I made a lemon sponge pie to celebrate. I must have eaten this specific pie a million times growing up but I never really knew what you used to make the filling, other than sea sponge. I have to say, I have never made any custard-pudding-mousse thing like the filling of this pie before, thickened with both egg yolks and flour but kept light with whipped egg whites. Is there a word for this in French? Is it le rumspringe?

After taking my pie into work this morning to share with my lab I have come to the conclusion that nobody in the world has eaten lemon sponge pie except people who have lived within 50 miles of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Oh, non-Amish, you are the ones who don't know what you're missing, with your ostentatious clothing and electricity and lack of barn-raising.

Oh, also: on my most recent trip to Berkeley Bowl I discovered that it's asparagus season, and I'm already over asparagus season and ready to go back to citrus-only season. So I bought a dozen bergamots and made way too much bergamot marmalade. Note to self: look at the yield of a recipe before doubling or tripling it. Still, I have a ton, and I can't wait to give some away, eat some on brioche, have some with bone marrow, make a little sandwich, et cetera, et cetera.

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