Sunday, April 10, 2011

Revelation 3:20, or, I don't want this weekend to end

My all-time friend Shana, who exceeded the maximum score on the LSAT and was therefore admitted to every law school in the country by default, is visiting this weekend along with her very good friend Alex, who is the only person I have ever known who can beat QWOP. When Shana first got here we made a list of things that we should do, like visiting the Oakland Museum of California and taking a boat to Alcatraz and going wine tasting and going to all sorts of science nights and stuff.

Here is a list of things we actually did on Saturday:

1) Jeff and I made breakfast for Shana and Alex.
2) We laid down some sweet acoustic guitar/accordion jams--of particular interest were "Friday" and "Gang Fight", both by Rebecca Black.
3) We went to the farmer's market, where Shana's cousin gifted us a paper bag filled with a thousand artichokes.
4) We all went on a hike in the Berkeley hills with some other people and drank a bottle of wine while gazing upon the sunny beauty of the entire Bay Area.
5) Shana and Alex made dinner for Jeff and me.
6) We went to sleep.

Here's a picture of the scrambled eggs we ate in the morning (for all the cooking I do, I actually don't own a dining room table, and eat at my coffee table, sitting on the floor). Jeff hid my camera on top of the microwave and I wasn't able to find it in time to take a picture of Alex and Shana's dinner, but it was fantastic: a beautiful cut of salmon baked exactly right, flaky and tender, accompanied by a ton of fresh vegetables and some udon noodles with peanut sauce. Then for dessert we had, oh, two hundred artichokes dipped into a Sriracha aioli that I made. This whole dinner was actually a really liberating experience for me--after living here in this unprepossessing house on Colby Street for three years, I think it's the first time that I've ever let someone make a complete meal for me in my kitchen. Seriously, I did it. No hovering. I just sat in the living room beating egg yolks for my aioli and answering their questions about where to find my kitchen implements, and also singing along to various internet memes with them.

What a great way to spend a day with a friend from out of town; no deadlines, no museums, no running, no bus schedules, just things you can taste and things you can sing and laying in the sun until it makes you sleepy. Then, as if to continue the procession of meals that we had prepared together, they left me with a ton of edible things on their way out, including something like two pounds of Theo Milk and Cookies chocolate. This is an incredibly dangerous thing to have sitting around my house. Luckily it's been six months since I worked at that other chocolate factory, so I'm no longer contractually bound to abstain from eating artisan chocolate bars (however, I still have to fill out a tax document for the hundred dollars I made working there).

Shana's around for three more days staying with a friend in the city, and I only have a rothgillion things to do at work this week, so look forward to lots of stories about how we are going for tamales and bacon hot dogs or whatever.


  1. You know, I don't think I've ever eaten an artichoke that wasn't mixed with something in dip form. Is it a must-try?

  2. Honestly, I don't think so--they take forever to cook, they're not terribly nourishing, and they go bad pretty quickly. All of those attributes together mean that the day after you buy artichokes, they're about to go bad and you have to make a plan to eat them, one hour from now, just so you can be not very full.

    Jeff ate TWO last night, so your mileage may vary!