Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have words to say

RAMPS. I bought some ramps at Berkeley Bowl today because they still didn't have morels and I needed something to remind me that it's springtime, and that I'm still alive. ("I want my wine glass to break when I drop it because otherwise how will I know that I'm alive?" --Shana, or Werner Herzog).

By the way, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a great movie, but if you see it let me know if you can figure out what albino alligators have to do with anything.

"Oh ramps? I love ramps!"
"What are ramps?"
"I don't know."

Read it again with this inflection.

For dinner I roasted some fennel, broccoli stems, and purple potatoes, and had that with the ramps fried in bacon fat and topped with a sunny-side-up egg. I was going to take a picture but it looked ridiculous. All in all though it was a fun jaunt into some foods that I don't normally eat. Ramps are actually quite a vegetable, not quite onion-y, not quite shallot-y, not quite leek-y, but unmistakably pungent. I think I will eat them once per spring until they stop being trendy.

Home stretch of the semester! Maybe I will make sense tomorrow!

PS -- It's May 12, and on 5/12 you tell the truth.

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