Thursday, September 30, 2010

The name of this blog is

So I just have to say that this entry is why Alinea at Home is the best cook-the-book blog, including the other Alinea cookbook blog, which sometimes features way more impressive reproductions of the recipes and more careful photography. Carol Blymire, the super genius behind Alinea at Home, doesn't get all the platings exactly right or all the pictures a hundred percent in focus, and sometimes her rosewater granola envelope explodes in the oven or something and she doesn't feel like making a new one. But she dives into the recipes headfirst, she gets most things right, she tells you exactly how each step feels and smells, she weaves in little stories from her childhood, she talks about her nephew, she learns, she lives, she rocks, she has better musical taste than I do.

I generally aspire to be Carol, but specifically I want entries on this blog to be for me what Chocolate, warmed to 94 degrees is for Carol--that is, a little snapshot of my life at some point in time, taken through the lens of the food that I'm making or eating. Honestly, that seems like a good way to do it, because I'm more motivated to talk about the food that I'm eating right now than just about anything else. Maybe I'll have pictures, maybe I won't, maybe I'll go on for paragraphs, maybe not, maybe I'll update every night, maybe it'll be like my old blog. The only rule is that there are no rules. Also no photos in nice restaurants, because that is gauche.

Anyway, I promise that it will be more interesting than blogging about weird dreams and Firefox add-ons.

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