Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jammin' bread

Benoit Mandelbrot died today, and as much as I like fractals, I like even more that his last name is the German word for "almond bread." I realized this spontaneously one night at MIT as I was walking home from choir and I saw a flyer advertising a talk by Mandelbrot. This flyer was like, "Mandelbrot. 10-250. 7 PM - 9 PM." and I was like, "Oh, that's right now! Oh, that's in the lecture hall directly above me! Oh, Mandelbrot means almond bread!" Since choir had gone until 8:30 that night, I only got to stand in the back for a couple minutes and listen to him go on about something that was a lot more mathematically complicated than the coastline of Britain. Anyway, I still feel like I earned a lot of nerd cred in those couple minutes.

So my point is that Mandelbrot's death has made me really hungry for almond bread. It has also made me want to open a bakery called Benoit, and have the specialty at this bakery be almond bread. Every morning we will bake a giant almond bread in the shape of this famous picture of the Mandelbrot set, and customers can just come in and break off self-similar hunks as they please. Pricing by the pound. My friend Jen who works at Aziza will be the head baker.

I feel like this would do really well in Rockridge. In related news, I saw a notice of intent to sell food and alcoholic beverages posted in Rockridge today, and the establishment that was posting this notice was called Southie. I feel like this will not play to the Rockridge demographic as well as my hypothetical mathematical foreign language pun bakery would.


  1. Ayyyy! I once sent a book to Benoit Mandelbroit when I worked at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. I only remember because his name is so goofy it made it on our "Best Of Customer Names" list. I can't believe he's real!


    p.s. love the new blog