Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can't take my eyes off of choux

I bought a ton of brussels sprouts for my roomdate last week because somehow I had the idea that brussels sprouts would be the main course and steak au poivre would just be the side dish, because that is officially how food works now; according to the New York Times it's called vegivorism, because everything needs a label, and anyway now restaurants can charge $12 for a dish of young carrots or olive oil braised cauliflower, so nobody's complaining. So I totally forgot about these brussels sprouts when I went to Berkeley Bowl, and as a result I ended up with two pretty full bags of brussels sprouts hanging out in my fridge. Then I saw this recipe for a shaved raw brussels sprout salad, thought about the tremendous quantity of pizza and cheesesteak that I was planning to consume this weekend, and decided that there was no time like the present for raw brussels sprout salad.

Let me tell you that even though I had a lot of brussels sprouts, I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to get anywhere near the nine cups of brussels sprouts suggested in the recipe. That's half a gallon of brussels sprouts. That's a lot of brussels sprouts, and I knew that I had a lot, but not a half gallon of them. Well, ten minutes of shredding later I almost broke my ten-cup food processor by completely clogging it with brussels sprouts. And, well, the nine-cup recipe is for six people.

So here it is Wednesday and I'm still eating shredded brussels sprouts. Sometimes, as above, with the sieved hard-boiled egg suggested in the original recipe. What a funny way to do an egg--but it does produce a great effect, giving you just a little bit of that round eggy mouthfeel in every bite without being rubbery or mealy, as a hard-boiled egg can sometimes be.

But not just that recipe. I packed a salad with pickled fennel and tarragon preserved cherries for lunch. I fried them with some broccoli stems for a quick cruciferous dinner. And tonight? Caramelized tempeh with brussels sprouts a la Heidi to use up the last of them. Well, just the shredded ones. I have a half-full bag still in the fridge ready to be roasted or something.

If you see me skiing around Tahoe this weekend remind me that I do not need to buy brussels sprouts.

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