Friday, February 18, 2011

Kumquat again?

Good news everyone! I didn't miss kumquat season after all. I picked up about a pound and a half from Berkeley Bowl's famous Table of Alternative Fruits, passing over the prickly pears and caltrops and cherimoyas and starfruits for the time being. I used most of the funky little things to make the tangerine-kumquat marmalade from Ad Hoc At Home.

I then ate some this morning on top of some freshly baked bread with some mascarpone that I had left over from the egg yolk ravioli. The bread was a little underdone and chewy, probably because I cut it immediately right out of the oven--hey, I almost have a real job, so I don't have time to let bread cool down on a weekday morning before eating my breakfast. Anyway, the doughy texture kind of worked underneath the heft of the toppings. And those toppings? A sprinkle of salt and pepper to make it savory, the thick and tangy mascarpone, the sweet tangerines with just a hint of bitter kumquat rind every few bites... oh, this is what every breakfast should be.

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