Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beware of darkness

I've been baking a lot recently, haven't I? Usually I post some reason for why I'm making something. Last night it was just, "I have all the ingredients for dark and stormy brownies at home. It's go time." That is, I had all the ingredients except Boyajian lime oil, which, like, I don't even know if Boyajian is a type of lime or a company that manufactures lime oil, and apparently you can only obtain Boyajian lime oil by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Daniel Patterson, who has stockpiled the world's entire supply in his pantry at Coi. I used the zest of one non-Boyajian lime and the brownies still turned out to be appreciably limey, so, yeah, I'm pretty much a master of baking substitutions.

I wasn't even going to post about these, but I snapped a quick picture before wrapping up the last four and, well, I thought it was a decent picture, if I do say so myself. I especially like how there's not really a sense of scale except the size of the crinkles in the aluminum foil. For all you know, these brownies could be as big as my whole house!

I think I cut three dozen of these brownies tonight. Two (maybe three) I ate immediately, four I wrapped up to save for Jeff and Jeremy coming over on Friday, and the rest I'm taking to lab today, because that's what I do with most of my baked goods. Plus, we have group meeting this afternoon, and they usually go by faster if you fill everyone's mouth with chocolate so they can't ask questions.

My favorite part of this recipe was, "Beat by hand in a medium sized pot until all the flour is incorporated... okay, now beat for two minutes more. Don't stop beating, or else." I probably would have ignored that except for the fact that David Lebovitz has a very similar brownie recipe where he mentions that his brownies always failed until he decided to dutifully beat the batter for two extra minutes and--lo and behold--world's best brownies. This is either because the extra beating makes them fudgier, or just burns enough calories to make you hungrier when they come out of the oven. Impossible to tell.

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