Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lilac blooming perennial

This morning Jeff and I went to a restaurant that serves deep-fried french toast, so I was looking for something that was light and healthy for dinner, and also pretty quick because I wanted to scrub my fridge out. Last night Heidi had e-mailed out a recipe for "Quesadillas!", and Heidi is usually so put-together on her blog that when she uses an exclamation point, you know that's a recipe that you want to try. Also, Heidi, just a note: next time you send out an e-mail about these, it should probably be punctuated "¡Quesadillas!"

Anyway, the recipe turned out pretty well--a lightly scrambled egg melted onto a corn tortilla with some cheese sprinkled on the top. It's less a ¡quesadilla! and more a testament to the endless adaptability of eggs. Is there anything eggs can't do? Thickening a sauce, leavening a cake, dripping a perfect yolk all over a pizza, rolled up and tucked into sushi, hard-fried in an omelet and then shredded as makeshift noodles. It's incredible! And you can eat it. That should be an advertising campaign.

Here I took my ¡quesadilla! and folded it around some kale. I ate it with some fava beans that I had fried in a pan, also à la Heidi. I was really excited to see fava beans in Berkeley Bowl this afternoon because it means that spring is maybe finally here. You're supposed to take the grilled fava beans, open them up, slip each bean out of the shell, eat the bean, lick lemon zest and salt off of your hands. Well, you can go here to read Heidi's original description, which is much more erotic. Anyway, these favas were so young and the pods so soft that I ended up just eating the whole pods, which were toothsome and full of fiber. That wasn't an erotic description at all.

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