Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The unanswered question

Long choir rehearsal yesterday. Adjectives used to describe it in follow-up e-mails included "rough", "difficult", and "grueling". It was scheduled to go 20 minutes longer than usual and somehow each of those extra 20 minutes passed more excruciatingly than the last, kind of like this one Charles Ives piece we're singing, during which we crescendo through an increasingly dissonant whole tone scale with the text, "For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told." That describes it pretty well. Thanks, Moses.

Long story short, last night I stopped at Whole Foods to grab something from the hot bar because I was too tired to even consider what the first step of preparing a meal might have been. On my way to the barbecue tempeh I noticed that there was a special on Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor goat cheese and I took that as a sign, because I had just talked to someone about the Truffle Tremor he had brought to Ian's wine and cheese party. So instead of farro salad I picked up some goat cheese and a loaf of bread. I was thinking about making a lovely cheese plate and posting it here, but, hey, I was tired, so instead I had an aesthetically-pleasing dinner of cheese spread on three pieces of bread and an orange on the side. It was perfect and I slept through the night with no choir-related nightmares.

But today, oh, today. Today was a much better day than yesterday, probably because I spent the entire day in anticipation of taking my leftover Truffle Tremor and tossing it into a three-egg omelet for dinner. And wouldn't you know it? Choir rehearsal went a lot better, too, probably because everybody in choir also bought goat cheese last night and spent the entire day thinking about what they were going to do with it tonight. Either that or they practiced. One of the two. Maybe a combination.

The omelet of my daydreams. Creamy, buttery, a little bit of mossy funk from the mushrooms, with a relish of spring onions and tarragon on top to cut through the richness. This omelet has given me a reason to get up in the morning. Okay, the next step after getting up is to get some work done tomorrow instead of staring off into the middle distance thinking about goat cheese.

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  1. I like the partially-eaten omelette shot! Food always looks yummier after someone has taken a bite or two out of it and you see all the creamy oozy greasy bits. Plus, it's proof that the blogger's food is actually edible ;)